Yep, back to 7-11!! Given that there is one on every corner, there is also one very close to where we live. We stop there for English language newspapers (The Taipei Times) , for ice cream treats or for dinner on a night when nothing else seemed to work. They have a nice selection of refigerated and frozen meals, sandwiches and snacks which the clerk will warm and place in a plastic bag fo $1NT. ($30NT=$1US) The other night, we noticed brands quite familiar to us in the US that market very different products.


So, we took a few photos with the cell phone. We haven’t tried any of these products, but I’m sure they’re all quite delicious! The auto manufacturers also sell cars here you don’t see in the US. Both American and Japanese manufacturers sell models here that we’d never see at home, but for some reason auto manufacturers have always done this. Folks here drive on the same side of the street as in the US, so it’s not because of the steering wheel.