I don’t think time has ever flown faster than it has this week!  It is already Thursday!  This time next week, Pingtung will be a complete memory!  What I haven’t mentioned here yet is that when I leave Taiwan, I will be spending 8 days in China helping to prepare a group of high school students for life in the US.  I’ll be in Changsha, China in Yunan Province, basically going from the hottest part of Taiwan to the hottest part of China.  I’ll swing back through Taiwan to get my luggage and fly home in time for Nick and Rho’s wedding!!

In the meantime, I’m getting last minute details out of the way and in the midst of all the ‘to do’s’ are mundane things like shopping for food!  I was in Carrefour picking up some fruit.  I counted 7, SEVEN!!, types of mangoes and THREE varieties of kiwi!  A-mazing!  Mangoes don’t grow in Indiana.  I will miss mangoes!!