This is me with my mom, dad and older brother shortly after I was born. This photo has nothing to do with Taiwan, but everything to do with my dad. My dad loved me! He loved all three of us! His love, his sense of responsibility, his faith and wisdom has given me a healthy respect for all men. He taught me to take care of my family, to value knowledge and to explore and enjoy life. I wonder what he would say about me being in Taiwan for a year. If he were alive and healthy, there’d be a good chance he would make it over here to visit. He was that kind of guy. On this Father’s Day, I hope he is at peace. And to you as well, if you’re a dad reading this!

Here in Taiwan, Father’s Day won’t come until 8 August–my dad’s birthday. The word for eight is ‘ba’ and August is the eighth month, so, the date is ‘ba ba’. In Chinese, ‘ba ba’ is ‘daddy’. So, 8 August is Father’s Day!