OK, it’s one of the most elegant French lines I know and since it finally rained today, I had to use it! Pingtung doesn’t get much rain. Up in Taipei, it can rain every evening. (Taiwan is about the size of Indiana.) Here, we expect a spring rainy season which is referred to as the Plum Rains. They typically come in April and May and consist of a gentle rain each evening. Well, so I’ve been told. Rains haven’t come here this year. Not yet! I was Pleasantly surprised to wake up to darker gray skies this morning and a rain shower. The sky is still gray, however I don’t know that their will be any more rain today, or tomorrow for that matter.

No new pictures on the Picture of the Week page. I just did quick trips to Tainan and Kaohsiung this past weekend and didn’t even take my camera with me. Went looking at jade at the jade market. I should have had the camera to show you all the varieties of jade and beads and stones that they have!

Selecting jade can be difficult. Each country has its own variety of jade and each is judged by its own unique standard. Selecting a piece from Burma is not the same as selecting something from Taiwan. I do know to look for cracks. I do know that jade is soft enough to be carved with a knife under running water. And I do know if you don’t know what you’re buying that you can end up with junk. But, if you really like the junk, does it matter? The best advice I’ve gotten from a couple of people on buying jade is don’t pay too much for it and find a piece you really like. If you like it, that’s all that matters.