No, I didn’t feel the Big One here in southern Taiwan. We’re on an island off the east coast of China, not part of the mainland. HOWEVER, last night about 2 a.m. southern Taiwan was rock’ and rollin’! I woke up just before a rather large tremor and it’s possible I was actually shaken awake by one before it. I checked the Internet this morning and found that the quake was centered near Taitung over on the east coast where my friends Ruthie and Irv live. This is what Ruthie had to say when I asked if they felt it:

Edi, we surely did. It was the strongest we’ve felt yet. There were also some smaller tremors before and after. (They say it was 5 in all). Irv is always wanting an earthquake, but even he got scared last night. I was getting ready to head out to the porch, to get away from possible falling masonry. However, the only damage we’ve seen this morning, is broken tiles.

I will not miss earthquakes when I leave here! From what I hear, though I may feel some when I return to Indiana!! (In fact, the first earthquake I ever felt was in Indy!) They feel so wrong. The earth is moving under your feet and you don’t know how bad it is going to be until it’s almost too late, unless it’s really bad and stuff is bouncing instead of shaking.