The blockbuster “Iron Man” opened in Taiwan this weekend and I was able to travel to Kaohsiung to see it. As with any movie theater I’ve been to in Taiwan, you’re able to select the seat of your choice when you purchase your ticket. You can also purchase a special package for popcorn and drinks. Tickets are sold separate from the concessions, sometimes even on different floors. Concessions always include popcorn and soda, and there can be a variety of other treats from popcorn to lattes to hotdogs. My friend Carolyn visits a theater in Putzih that has a MacDonalds inside the theater. You may not enter the theater more than 10 minutes prior to the show starting. If you are early, you will stand outside the ticket taker’s little kiosk and wait for him (and it’s always a ‘him’) to announce that the theater is open and you may enter. You will not be sold a ticket once the feature has begun!! If you’re late, you will have to wait for the next showing. I’m not sure what this accomplishes. Most certainly, it is not to avoid distractions because there is a steady stream of people walking about the theater to purchase snacks or visit the restroom during the entire movie. They just don’t sell you tickets if you are late! Watching an American movie here often leaves me laughing by myself at jokes no one else gets. It also makes me nostalgic for home, which is where I will be in 74 more days!!!