And there are so very many!  All the cute little coffee shops with hot and cold coffees and teas.  Especially the fruit teas!!

There is the bubble (or pearl tea) which I don’t like.  The tapioca balls are little things you have to chew that add a lot of extra calories, but no real flavor.  The streets are filled with tea shops and people are always walking around with cups of green, black, red, grapefruit, white gourd, jasmine. lemon or milk tea tea. Or maybe its watermelon, lemon or mango juice!

7-11 is full of fruit milks, soy milk, vegetable juices, yogurt drinks, apple soda, Pocari Sweat, teas, and cold coffees by the cup or can.

My current favorites are the fruit waters which I usually drink in peach or lemon; this delicous Japanese  strawberry beverage which bears the caption “juice meets condensed milk” and I’m trying my best to get hooked on green tea for the health of it!