My third graders just left my classroom. They come to class as soon as they can to try to speak with me, to see what I am doing or to try and figure out what my papers may say. I could write pages and pages on each of these wonderful little packages and all the joy they bring to my classes, but today it was William. William always makes me smile. I realized today it is because when I see William, I am reminded of Kevin, my Personal Banker. They are years apart in age and you would look at them and say they look nothing alike. I look at them and see the same joyous glimmer in their eyes that tells me of their goodness and their eagerness to bring joy to others, whether it be through hard work or mischievous fun. They both carry themselves with such an air of respect that I can’t help but want to clear a path so that they can conquer the world! It is amazing how people may be worlds and cultures and years apart, but they can be so similar. I feel so much at home when I can get to know someone here and they remind me of a friend or relative in America, even if they don’t look alike!