My poor little tootsies have been tortured!

Sunday, Flame suggested we try acupressure massages for our feet.  I’m for anything that involves massage, so I said OK.  She did warn me that it would be painful, but I thought it would still be OK.

The massage began with a good, warm feet soaking and an arduous working of the neck muscles.  I think my massage master felt all the tension I carry there and decided to squeeze it out in one setting.  The massage strokes often consisted of the second or third knuckles of the fingers being used to trace new grooves into my muscles or to apply pressure to a specific spot.  Flame had ‘cupping’ done to her neck.  This traditional practice involved using small plastic cups about the size of containers in a fifty cent gumball machine and suctioning them to the neck so that they draw blood to an area, much like a plastic leech.  She’s had it done before so it must work to relieve the high amount of pain she has in her neck.  Flame is no fool and wouldn’t do this again if it didn’t work the first time!

Once the neck is has been sufficiently pulverized, it’s on to the feet and lower leg.  I can only say it was not pleasant. It hurt.  A LOT.  Well, actually it hurt when I was unable to breath deeply and relax.  Tensing the muscles does NOT help this process.   We asked Suzy, our Taiwanese friend how she enjoyed the treatment.  He response was quite interesting as she kept saying it was painful.  Yes, it was painful when it was done, but was it still painful?  No, but it is painful.  Chinese culture does not distinguish between now, then and will be!  I’m glad I’m only teaching present tense verbs!!

Afterwards, I was ready for a good night sleep and the next day, I was sore and bruised. Will I go back again?  Would you???