Imagine if you will walking into a store. Image the store to be large, bright and clean. Image everyone bustling about as usual, but imagine if you can the whiff of something that just isn’t right. Imagine that stank smell that is from fruit or “fresh” produce that makes you want to open a window or scrub a refrigerator. The smell is that of something that is overripe, too sweet, dead or dying. It’s almost nauseous. The smell is durien fruit (lio lian) and it is in season! I smell it when I enter Carrfour or when I walk past certain vendors in the market. It is so bad that busses and stores sometimes ban its presence. I have tasted it and have not liked it, though many people do. It doesn’t taste quite as bad as it smells, but the taste wasn’t good to me. I do not at all think the flavor is worth putting up with the putrid smell.

The fruit will be in season until September.