Went to Tainan today. It was so good to get back in when the sun was still up! I’ve been there several times  in the past few months and gazing out the train window, I still see new sites: the Christian church near the bus station in Kaohsiung, old ladies in their bamboo hats working in rice fields and the fact that the Gaoping River is so shallow that I could walk across it and my knees would not get wet. Not unless I fell in the jade colored water. Most of my time was spent reading _Never Let Me Go_, a book that really catches you off guard if you don’t know what it’s about before starting, and I didn’t!

Among other things, I had to get my glasses repaired. The clerk impressed me so with his English and won my affection as he fought with himself to stop calling me ‘sir’. Remember, there are no pronouns in Mandarin, so it takes real effort for these speakers to differentiate between males and females when speaking. Also, he explained that his English was usually for professors at the university and most of them are males. Rose and I compared horror stories of food preparation practices we’ve seen and decided it can’t be that bad to eat at McDonalds and while there we saw a cat on a hot tin roof.

Last Sunday, the temperature spiked to the upper 80s. Spring has sprung!! I know the real heat hasn’t arrived yet as the mornings and evenings are pleasantly cool.

If you enjoy reading my blog in the least, you really should check out A Wandering Woman Writes from Spain.  It has got to be one of the best travel blogs I’ve read.