100 days left! Just over 3 months and I’ll be home! I hear the weather back home full of spring struggling to be free. Here, I think summer emerged with no restraints! The days are hot and sweaty already. Thankfully, the evenings, with darkness falling at 5:30 pm, are a bit cooler. Weather patterns are easy enough to figure out. It’s things like maneuvering space that I don’t get. I do know not to leave any space between me and the person in front of me while waiting in line or someone will cut in. It seems a long line is merely an invitation for those who know better to guise their need as a quick question and jump to the front. I just observe the patterns, no need to complain because…I can’t! I don’t speak no Mandarin!! Besides, I’ve figured that situation out. It’s how to maneuver space while moving that I don’t get. I am used to walking out of someone’s way, cutting behind them when I pass them in the street (especially if there is nothing behind them), waiting for others to pass or walking around cars trying to turn into traffic. Here, you just cut in front of cars, bikes or pedestrians (we all share the same life threatening streets.) It is so hard to get used to people (adults and especially children) who just cut in front of you regardless of the amount of space in front (or behind!!) me or how fast I may (or may not) be moving. It feels so rude. This cutting is so pervasive there has to be an explanation. There seems to be an effort to walk in front of people at every given chance. It is even seen in how left hand turns are made. Vehicles that are turning left will jump into the intersection and make their turn before the oncoming traffic is able to proceed. Cars or scooters that cannot make the turn quickly enough will often move to the far right hand lane so that they can drive across the interestion when the light changes as if they are driving straight across and not turning. I don’t know if I’ll ever understand this one. My usual sources of information on such matters are as perplexed as I. I do know where to stand in line at the post office, when it will get dark and when I will be headed home.