Warm yesterday, hot today! I think the mild days of spring are gone and hot, hot summer is about to settle in. I’m in the middle of one of my few, rare weekends at home. A three day weekend is even rarer, so much so that I spent most of Friday convincing myself that it wasn’t Saturday! I had gone down to Kaohshiung to help my friends Michael and Suzy celebrate their wedding. This wedding was different from the one I previously attended as it didn’t follow traditional practices. With Michael being a westerner and both the bride and groom having been married before, everything was certainly different from what is typically Taiwanese! The saying of the vows was preceded by a signing of marriage contracts in English and Mandarin. The bridal party then moved upstairs to a room attractively decorated with overflowing floral arrangements for the actual event. The ceremony was followed by a charming reception at the Outback on the Love River. In addition to Suzie’s family and Michael’s friends and co-workers were some of the graduate students from Neipu. While most were from Taiwan, there were others from New Zealand, Mozambique and the Czech Republic. It was nice!!!

I’ve been gone so much that I haven’t had much of a chance to clean this place. Yesterday, I cleaned and cleaned and everything was so clean and fresh! It smells so wonderful! I turn on the light in another room only to find some insects that are coming in from around the air-conditioning unit. O, I fixed the holes AND the critters, but the entire event really took the buzz off my clean! The little winged buggies seem to be a right of spring. I saw them all over the place when I went out for dinner last night. I just don’t want them inside my domicile, ya know!

That brings me to today. I don’t know what that is on the TV but I’m in the middle of the first year of Las Vegas, considering a marathon so I can find out why James Caan left but the daggone videos play about ¾ of the way through and kick back to the beginning. I don’t have the patience to keep dealing with that! I went to Orange Kitchen, my favorite breakfast spot in Pingtung and had cheese dom bing and the best cup of coffee you can imagine. I enjoy the place not only for the food, but for the wonderful lady who works and is about the best English speaker in this county. She tries to make me learn Chinese. (So does the guy at Hi Life, but I hate to tell them I’m out of here in 101 more days and that just ain’t gonna happen!) I got my fruit and yogurt and am set for breakfast and lunch for most of the week.

I will miss walking when I return home and I’ll miss being able to linger in streetside restaurants with a nice book until I’m good and ready to leave. I’ll miss knowing what people are saying without understanding a single word of what they have said. And I’ll miss bell fruit!