What a weekend!  On Saturday, I went back to Tainan and met up with Rose and Carolyn.  The weather gave us a gorgeous spring-like day full of sunshine and warm breezes!  We went to Tainan to see a performance of the Chinese Spectacular and were entertained with  music, songs and dance which portrayed a various aspects of Chinese Buddhist history. Afterwards, because we were the only westerners in the auditorium, we were interviewed like celebraties by the promoters of the event.  We were kinda glad to get away from the cameras and microphones so that we could walk around the culture center at a leisurely pace.  There was a health fair going on we had blood pressure and pulmonary fuction tested and purchased pedometers.  We left to have dinner at a landmark restaurant in Tainan.  I don’t have the name in front of me, but they’re known for the shrimp rolls and they were quite tasty!

By going to Tainan, I missed the first day of Mary’s daughter’s wedding.  The first day is when many, many traditional events occur.  Among them is the groom arriving at the bride’s home and asking for his bride.  The male head of the house presents the bride to her husband.  She is supposed to cry to show that she is sad to be leaving her home, but modern brides don’t cry.  The mother walks around the car twice with a kettle of hot water.  This is to bring the new family luck and prosperity on their new beginning.  The circle she forms is the perfect shape that symbolizes the family.  The bride leaves with the groom and goes to give an offering at the temple with the grooms family.  The groom’s family also provides a huge feast on this day.  On the second day, the bride’s family provides the feast.  According to tradition, the bride will return to her parent’s home for a week about a month after the wedding.  There is much toasting, talk of prosperity and blessings for the new couple and lots and lots of food!  I was so touched by the hospitality shown to me by Mary and her family.  I was honored to be part of this special day and wish the happy couple much peace and love all the days of their life together!