Elections phase one have ended here with a new batch of legislators about to take office.  Next up, I believe in March are the presidential elections.  The main issue seems to be whether Taiwan should be (or is) independent or should be (or is) part of mainland China.  A poor economy adds fuel to the fire.  Not mentioned are issues about global warming.  Taiwan uses nuclear energy and recycles like crazy.  Yeah, I take and interest in local issues.  They are difficult to follow without knowing the language and the papers I read can be far short of reliable in their coverage of Taiwanese issues.  (Newspapers have only been legal here for 20 years!)   I have found a great blog that provides outsiders with insights on issues Taiwanese. 

Something that’s interesting about being an outsider is the way outsiders continue to ignore each other.  When two westerners see each other, there is a purposeful avoidance of eye contact.  They will not speak!  I find this odd and would really like to know what explains the phenomenon!  It’s much discussed on blogs.  And this shows a real irony in this situation –though westerners avoid speaking to one another, they find each other all over the Internet on blogs, yahoo groups, on Myspace and Facebook.  I don’t get it.