Another weekend, another trip to Kaiohsoung. There could be stuff to do here in Pingtung, but there is not English service to let me know about it. Also, because of it’s bus system, and more reasonably prices taxi service, it’s easier for me to get around there than here.

So, last weekend Rose and I explore Mega 21 Mall. It’s an older mall than the Dream Mall, but not nearly as large. We saw “National Treasure 2” (great movie!!) and had dinner on the lower floor of the mall. It’s typical for large stores here to have grocery stores and/or restaurants in their basement. ) In 101 Mall in Taipei, it’s Jason’s. This is THE store for western goods.) Afterward, we went to a Hakka Exhibit. The Hakka are people who traveled here from China way back when. They are referred to as an aboriginal group and they are trying to preserve their culture on this island. I think that being Hakka is kinda like being Arab in that it is easy to say what it isn’t, but difficult to say what it is. Hakka language is not a written language and just that fact makes it difficult to preserve the culture. Fewer people are speaking the language. It is only transmitted through the home (as with Taiwanese). So, the exhibit display clothing, language (through the use of technology), music, prominent Hakka people, crafts and migratory maps. Aboriginals aren’t thought too highly of here, kinda like how Native Americans have been, continue to be, treated in the US. Even when in training to teach here, we were given many stereotypes about these peoples. I’m certain I have students from varying ethnic groups in my classes. I know what it’s like to be a student who is given few odds of success because of my color. I’m learning about the culture of these students, but in the meantime, I just see a room full of students all working hard, eager to please and such a joy to work with!