It was kind of an unusual workday. The students were noisy and excited as if it were a holiday. Many students and teachers dropped off cards. Some of my classes sang Christmas songs, or tried to in the midst of noise. The principal even stopped by to give me a special ornament handmade by his wife. It is something I will always teasure. You know I love crafty stuff, gifts from the heart! I felt bad that I didn’t take anything to give as a present, but I wasn’t expecting anything! I finalized plans with Rose and will leave in a few minutes to meet her for dinner. As I was coming in this evening, the guard handed me a box. I was curious. It was from Sandy Keough and the customs declaration simply stated “Christmas present”. Well, I brought it upstairs, and opened my box of Christmas! Sandy sent photos of me and Kris with dear friends who went to dinner with us before we left the country. It was so good to see their faces!! Heidi, Shirley, Aleyne, Nuku, Birma, Rod, Kim, Kim, Lydia, Rachel, Christian, mom. Nice memories! Then, THEN!!! she also sent Christmas cookies!! They were wrapped nice and snug, with special care that only Sandy would do. So, needless to say, Sandy is my Angel! Thanks, Sandy for sending a taste of Christmas, right on time!!

My evening ended with dinner in Kaoushoung at a quaint little pub owned by an Australian.  The decor and sounds of English created a Christmas atmosphere.  Dinner definitely did the trick!  We had turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, yams, mixed vegetables, cracked wheat bun and cherry pie.  O, my it was delicious!

All in all, I’ve had enough Christmas to be satisfied without feeling like I’m missing home for the holidays too much.  Or the snow!