I was writing Evan James today and I thought this sounded interesting enough to share here.  Evan is currently if Florida, working for Uncle Sam.

It’s 7:40 and the school day here is just beginning.  The sky is extremely overcast, looks like rain. I actually saw the mountains again yesterday morning!!
It’s about to get noisy here:  students are cleaning, music is on the intercom system which is loud enough for kris to hear at our apartment which is about 1/4 mile away.  the students will probably practice for sports day again today.  this means the band will play, there will be singing and lots of talking on the microphone which is loud enough for kris to hear. I’m not sure what sports day is all about. I just know that it’s a really big deal in elementary schools here.  They’ve been practicing, performing and decorating for weeks.  I’ve been given a special shirt to wear on Saturday for the day.

Speaking of loud, we didn’t hear fireworks last night. We usually hear them every night.  On Saturday evening when we came back from the beach, they were so loud I thought we were being attacked by China.  i could see the sky turning colors behind our building which verified fireworks. I’ve been told they’re set off for funerals, holidays and feasts related to local gods.

8:40 and the practice continues.  Look for pictures from Saturday!