I accidentally posted this to my other blog!  I think it’s worth putting it where it belongs!

Life’s Adventure

October 12th, 2007 · No Comments

Two weekends ago, Kristen and I met Mary.  She is widowed, with three adult children.  Mary used to teach jr. high Engligh, now she helps out in her daugther’s bushiban (cram school) which is very near the school where I teach.  We visited with Mary for a little over an hour last night, then left to find dinner.  It wasn’t  really late, but it was dark.  Because of our nearness to the equator, we get 12 of dark, 12 hours of light and it gets dark early.  Have I mentioned that people drive crazy here?  There are no sidewalks, so we walk in the street, sharing the lane with bicycles and scooters.  Though it may be naive on my part, I consider this somewhat safer in daylight hours.

So, I just wasn’t up to the walk to Carrefour that we had planned–we still haven’t made it to Carrefour!! (The thing is, there’s  a McDonalds in Carrefour.)  So, we began walking along the exercise trail to our usual evening destination.  I noticed a very interesting little place; Kris says we’d seen it before.  I suggested walking closer to see if there were pictures of food, or any English on the menu, but Kris misunderstood me and went inside!  Next thing I know, we’re sitting at a table and a waitress is attempting to take an order.  We gave our over-used-to-the point-of-perfection ^SHRUG^ letting her know that we don’t know any Chinese.  She disappeared to the back of the restaurant while her colleagues stood there, helpless and hopeless.  She comes back to our table with a two sided English menu! which helped Kristen order the most delicious chicken and cheese dish and me a nice vegetarian noodle dish.  My meal ended with a delcious iced hazelnut latte and Kristens with a Sprite, topped with a scoop of ice cream.  During the dinner, we had a carafe of water, flavored with a hint of mango and the drinks we ordered were served after the meal.  Kristen considered sending her Sprite back–an ice cream scoop in a sprite???  Good thing she didn’t because the whipped cream was fresh and wonderful and the vanilla ice cream!  OMG!!!  It was yummy!!

So, sometimes, you have to go blindly on faith.  Accept the path on which you’re adventuring.  Let the wind fill your sails and accept the blessings that come your way!