Did I mention we were going to Carrefour today? Well, a couple of teachers from our school invited us to join them to see the national fireworks. Remember, this national holiday just doesn’t rank up there with the traditional ones like Dragon Boat Festival or Chinese New Years, so the celebrating is a bit low key. The national fireworks were in Taipei until a few years ago when they began to travel around the country so more people could see them. This year, they were in a small fishing village in Pingtung County just south of us. We got there in time to see the night market vendors and some of the traditional performers as well as to hear speeches by Taiwan’s vice president and president. We were quite surprised to hear someone greet the crowd with “Hola! Bienvenudos” The presidents of Paraguay AND the Dominican Republica were speaking! The countdown began and we watching a display of some of the most amazing fireworks that lasted well over an hour.

If you didn’t know, fireworks began in China.

Toward the end of the display, Kris was spotted by a network news crew. We kinda standout as foreigners. Kris was interviewed and we were asked to speak Chinese at the end of the interview!! Hopefully, it sounds like what it was meant to be: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TAIWAN!