Well, I had a Plan A and a Plan B and I just knew I was going to make it out of town to have a really nice birthday celebration.  Well, it seems that there was a Plan C meant for me and it was a very nice celebration indeed!

It began yesterday when my principal and a few other teachers showed up at my classroom with a cake and a card which the principal wrote in calligraphy for me!  He even read the English translation to me and the class! 

Today, I took a nice nap after our plans were changed.  I woke to be invited to a new friend’s home for lunch with her family and a few of her husband’s students, older Taiwanese who are learning English.  We had a wonderful lunch, spent the day with Betty and her family and then went out to dinner at a curry restaurant.  Her husband is from California.  We were able to learn so much about Taiwan, and to talk to friends.  It was great!

Effects of the typhoon are still lingering as it continues to rain, but so are the effects of being with friends!  Next weekend, it’s celebrating in Kaoishoung with more friends!