That familiar mechanical melody is playing and ALL of your neighbors are headed outside.  You notice they’re carrying bags. It’s the trash truck!  The truck comes to our neighborhood every evening about 8 pm to collect paper trash from the community.  Here, recycling is the norm and plastic, paper and metals all have there own destination.  All paper products (ALL household paper products) are picked up day to the tune of what we think is the ice cream man!

These quotidien activities may not give a high brow picture of Taiwan, but it’s the daily habits and nuances that bring flavor and meaning the more artistic interpretations.  The air here is still polluted. Today it’s quite overcast and rainy.  Though it is bright and sunny, the sky is rarely blue.  We walk every night for dinner and exercise and were very glad to see a walking/bike path near us.  We’ve been told that it extends about 16km (km??  I still don’t know metric!).

Naptime just ended and I have a fifth grade class about to come in for a lesson in English on the four seasons!  Here, where it is always summer!