cafeteria-lunch.jpgLet me just start by saying that cafeteria food is the same everywhere.



I have several photos to upload to this blog, however the internet seems to work better at some times than at others.  We’re able to get a wireless connection in the classroom and DSL in our dorm rooms but neither is working too well today.  Loading images can be a particular difficulty, so those may be somewhat limited on the blog for now.

Summer is the rainy season.  It rains every evening, thus cooling things off.  The days are typically hot and humid, however, when the evening rain comes things get a little more comfortable. 

I’ve given up Curves for Tai Ji!!  We had a 2.5 hour class this morning with a local master instructor and it felt great!  Working with the fluid motions, I was able to work muscles I haven’t used in quite sometime to a degree that didn’t cause pain or discomfort.  This ancient internal martial art is typically practiced by older Chinese citizens, quite often early morning in parks. I have to admit that there were several movements I didn’t even attempt to make and many more that made the instructor look at me and seem to wonder what I really thought I was trying to do.  Yet, I was able to remove much of the pain in my neck and feel a little more energetic!  I may look into finding a class in Pingtung.  Maybe.

We’ve been trying to find out about Pingtung, the city we’ll be living in for quite some time.  It is in the southern part of the country where the temperature is hot and hotter.  Northerners seem to view it as farm town. It is a town with two universities and it also has a somewhat sizeable aboriginal community.  We’ll be close to Kenting National Park, and Kaohsiung City, the second largest city in the country.  My school, Raey Gaung, is 10 minutes outside the city on scooter.  Scooters are very popular here.  It is a K-6 school with about 1400 students.  They will be helping us find a place to live as well as with any other needs.



Money here is new Taiwanese dollars (NTD).  One NTD= .33USD.  I just bought a bottle of water for 25NTD.  Last night, Kristen and I went to the 85 Coffee Shop and bought two slices of cake for 340NTD.  At the 7-11, I bought a box of laundry soap for 295NTD.  Yes, the cost of living here is pretty reasonable!